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Welcome to IF International's website which we hope you find useful, yet unconventional. It focuses on our services and publications - not on self promotion.

IF International is a long established, international consulting firm specializing in the rapidly growing field of marketing channel strategy.

No area of marketing is undergoing greater change than the manner in which companies take their products or services to their markets - their go-to-market strategies.

Top companies efficiently and effectively design, develop and produce their products or services. One of the few differentiators left is their marketing channel strategy - IF International's specialist area.

How companies develop and maintain effective marketing channel strategies and how they use developing technologies such as e-commerce often determines their ongoing success.

We use our marketing channel strategy skills to help organisations:

  •  restructure existing distribution channels,
  •  create new marketing channels and
  •  adopt or adapt new technologies

All of which help our clients drive incremental revenue, reduce costs and improve customer service.

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